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​How to choose your fitness goals the right way?

You finally realized it was time to do something for your body and you rushed to the gym to sign up with the best intentions in the world. Your objective: getting back in shape.

Once signed up, and armed with your crazy new motivation, you went to the gym every day... for a week. Then once every two days, then twice a week, and you just stopped going. A month later, comfy on your sofa with some chips and a soda nothing is left of your good resolutions. And you wonder what brought you to this pitiful result.

Should you have gone to the gym with your boyfriend? Or should you have paid for a personal trainer? Or maybe you should have started a bit slower at first, because you had not been in a gym for years?

In any case, it's important to reconsider your efforts and goals in order to reach them and keep them on track. What are the best ways to set reasonable AND ambitious goals? That's the whole question we're about to answer.

1- Define SMART goals: specific, measurable achievable, realistic and time-bounded.

Vague objectives are often doomed to fail. You will have to describe precisely the desired results. This result must be ambitious without being unrealistic. Here's an example: "I'm going to lose 6 pounds in 30 days, and to reach that goal I'll go to the gym at least 3 times a week for 4 weeks, while changing what I eat: fast food and pizza once a week at the most".

As you can see, the desired result is tangible, it leads you in the right direction and also it does not punish you. You can always eat what you want but less often, you can always have quiet evenings at home but less often.

2- Do not be afraid of failure: persistence is key in many areas, including sports. Even if you miss a session or do not follow your program for a week, there is no reason to panic or put yourself down. It happens, we are all human beings.

Start again with the program that you have fixed for yourself and try to be more regular this time. If necessary, ask for the help of our coaching staff, just to get advice on where to start, or even a friend to motivate you and hold you responsible for your actions, or your lack of action...

3- Continue over time: you have set your initial goals for a short amount of time and that is why we work on short commitment periods at BBA. But the challenge now is to incorporate these new habits into your life in the long run.

You want to be fit and healthy? Pay attention to what you eat all the time and not one month every year. Your diet is particularly important: it will be responsible for +-70% of your results if you do want to lose weight or just get back in the shape you want!

At Blackburn Athletics, we have a whole team of trainers to help you reach your SMART goals, and keep you motivated. For more information on our revolutionary gym located in Montreal South Shore, our weight loss and fitness methods, give us a call at 514-943-7465!

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