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​What are the advantages of hiring a private coach?

Hiring a coach and having your own tailor-made workout may seem like a luxury, but the benefits are many and the price is not that high.

Let's review the different elements that could tip the balance in favor of personalized training:

1- A surplus of motivation

The change you want to achieve is as much physical as it is mental. Having someone that is not you or a friend pushing you all the time allows you to silence that little voice that comes as your body starts to feel pain.

2- Special attention

No more random group classes at the gym. The training is tailored to your particular needs and expectations, which greatly increases the efficiency and speed of results as well as the progress made.

3- Achieve tangible results quickly

Even if it is always advisable to be patient, a coach can give you the benefit of his/her experience and his/her knowledge to allow you to have results faster than if you were training alone.

It will require some intensity and a very regular training schedule, at least 2-3 times per week, but it is totally worth it.

4- Go beyond set goals

With a private coach, the bad habits that we have to deal with when we are alone are not possible anymore. You are constantly encouraged to go beyond yourself and learn to discover your body to push your limits and leave your fears and apprehensions aside.

5- Choose your coach and his formula

No need to have a very high budget or be a top athlete to have a private trainer nowadays. You can opt for coaching at home or directly in your gym if you want a different environment.

6- Benefit from adapted nutritional advice

Exercising regularly is not always enough to achieve the changes you want. Hiring a personal trainer allows you to change your mindset and move to higher levels in many areas, including your diet.

Your eating habits will have to change as you can imagine. Fats, sweets ... it will be necessary to reduce or to remove some of these small pleasures that can weigh in the balance when you put it all together.

We hope that these tips will help you to decide and while waiting to make a final decision, find your why and clearly define your goals.

If the main obstacle for you is the price, know that the the benefit that you will get from these sessions with a coach is well above that of an hour in a conventional gym. Rather than signing up at the local gym and going there only 2 or 3 times a year like most people do, it is better to pay someone and really work toward your goals.

If you wish, you can also hire a coach for you and your friends, coaches often agree to give classes to small groups.

For more information on Blackburn Athletics and our unique way of coaching and motivating you, call us now at 514-943-7465!

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