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All our coaches were hired based on their personality, their professionalism and of course their knowledge in regards to fitness.

Apart from Jerry Blackburn himself, there are many trainers who work at Blackburn Athletics and we would like the opportunity to introduce them to you:


Coach - Owner

JERRY Coach - Owner

Jerry, the founder of Blackburn Athletics, has more than 20 years of combined experience training in various disciplines ranging from CrossFit, martial arts, football, golf, bodybuilding and almost every sport out there. Based on this experience, he has crafted the perfect workout session mixing together the most beneficial, fun, and efficient elements of each sport.

Jerry completed a training specialized in biomechanic, called NESTA. He successfully completed two Crossfit training programs, added one in delinquency intervention and basically learnt everything he could by helping as many people as possible. This is by doing just that, that he discovered his true passion: training.


Coach - Burnfit

Sarah Coach - Burnfit

As a member of the Blackburn Athletics team, Sarah gives herself the objective to help other achieve their goals on a daily basis. With a diversified background in several sports, she concentrates on helping her clients do what they CAN do, and adapts very well to all levels of fitness abilities. Her main goal is to help you become the best version of yourself, because after all, YOU are the most important person. Studying in her third year as a student in kinesology, she can help you out and answer any of your questions!


Coach - Burnfit

BENJAMIN Coach - Burnfit

Benjamin was a friend we met through a sports outing within the south shore community. Once he heard of the opening, he messaged us and almost forced us to grab coffee with him!

"Ben" works in business development and with a great background and reputation in crossfit and gyms in the area, it made sense to us to make him part of the team. He approached us because he really loves training and helping people, so it was the perfect match.


Coach - Burnfit

JUSTINE Coach - Burnfit

Another trainer is Justine and she was hired for a few simple reasons: first of all she followed the EXACT guidelines of how to apply for the job on Facebook, and once we met with her, she had a vibrant, casual energy mixed with a lot of motivation!

She is a 3rd year student in kinesiology, a truly disciplined athlete and respectful woman coming straight from the army. Justine is the type of girl to wake you up and get you moving with her strong presence and contagious smile!


Coach - Burnfit

Sarah Coach - Burnfit

Sarah *RIGHT AWAY* Prince is a bag full of surprises! You never know what you will get when you walk into her classes! She loves the outdoors and hikes mountains on almost a weekly basis. Sarah started out as a client of ours, and when we found out she was a certified crossfit trainer, we had to have her! Her personality is super easy going, and always has a way of making you smile! With her super creative classes, you will learn to love her and hate her all at the same time.

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