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​Get back your motivation and keep it

Blackburn Athletics is a gym like none other. Instead of locking you in a contract in a contract for a year, whether you come or not, we rather make you commit for short, renewable, periods of time.

The truth is that many people lose sight of their fitness goals when times get tough. You have a lot of work at the office, young kids, a family to take care of, and many other responsibilities, we get it. But what most people don't realize is that their level of energy and the frequency at which they train are linked. Less exercise, less energy during the day. And if your diet is not balanced and made of junk food, it can be even worse.

That's why when you train, intensity and consistency are key. You need to rid your body of the toxins and the stress it has accumulated over the past few days. And our trainers are here to help you with that.


Set realistic and measurable goals

For example, if you want to lose weight, decide on how many pounds/kgs you want to lose and by what date. Don't hesitate to write down those goals, whether it's on a piece of paper or on a board at home. You don't have to do a lot each day, just one action every day should take you closer to your goals. If you need, our trainers can give you additional tips about goal setting for fitness.

What is/are your goal(s)? Do you want to lose or gain weight? Lose fat or gain muscle? Whatever your goal is, you need to make it clear and let your coach know. Most people don't achieve their objectives because they set goals that are too vague like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to go back to the gym". Such goals usually never get any traction and remain wishful thinking. Write down your goals in as much detail as you can.

Create your own routine

The crucial part if you want to achieve the goals you've set for yourself is to set a workout plan that you have to follow. Motivation alone is not enough and can vary. Some days you are more motivated than others, and when you are not motivated and feel like skipping a day or two, being disciplined and following the schedule you have set is what matters.

Diet is an integral part of your workout. Plan everything down to cheat days and cheat meals so you don't overeat. Eating well before and after your workout is essential to stay in control of your health and maximize the effects of your training session. Choose the right ingredients, organic if possible, to eat well and you will truly see the effects on your body, especially when combined with regular workouts.

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