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​Why are Abs and Booty so Popular?

Women of all ages and backgrounds usually love abs and booty classes because obviously, they focus on these two important parts of the body. What is more important than having a sexy butt and a flat, sexy stomach? It's always better than a flat butt and an inflated belly.

In the process, you usually get firm, toned legs which is a nice plus. But to get all those benefits, you will need to work hard and stay consistent over the course of several weeks. Good things come to those who wait!

Abs and booty are definitely one of the top requests we get and that most fitness coaches have been getting for the past 30 years if not longer! And contrarily to what some people think, this type of exercise is also for men who want to improve their body shape.

In any case, we will teach how to get the most out of each training session so you can avoid frustration and disappointment when your hard work fails to produce results. Your glutes are more useful than you think. They're not only useful when you exercise but also in your daily activities.


Why should you join our Abs and Booty training?

At Blackburn Athletics, we have done everything necessary to improve accessibility to all levels. Whether you are out of shape or not, we have created a class adapted to all your needs where you can reach your goals while having fun and receiving personalized attention from our coaches.

The music is not too loud in order to improve communication and create a different atmosphere where you can make some progress while getting all the help you need from our abs and booty experts.

Abs and booty are more than just having the famous (or infamous) "beach-ready body". It is also about changing your lifestyle and improving your diet. The good thing is that each session doesn't have to take a lot of time, most abs and booty classes are well under one hour.


Is it all there is?

Getting the bubbly booty and the sculpted abs you are looking for also requires to change your diet. First, you will still have to build muscle and lose fat. You will have to maintain a certain level of physical activity too so you don't go back to square one.

Apart from lifting weights (another important aspect of getting the body of your dreams), you will have to eat more protein to build muscle. Because you can't build a body out of nothing. And you will also need carbs even though they are frowned upon by many nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts. It is necessary to have enough energy to exercise in the long run. Timing your meals will also be important.

Call us now at 514-943-7465 to learn more about our next Abs and Booty class and how you can participate too. Discover our gym and come to your first class this week, you won't regret it!

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