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​The role of diet in a healthy lifestyle

As you already know, what you eat plays a vital role in your life. Your health depends not only on the effort and physical activity you do but also on the attention you pay to what goes into your body.

Would you put poor quality gas in your car knowing it affects your engine and its overall operation? Think of food as the "fuel" you put in your body!

As everyone is different, there is no single answer to the question: "What should I eat and how much to be at my best?" This is even more true when you want to follow a "sports" type diet. That's why it's important to know your body well and to professionally surround yourself to benefit from the best advice possible.

What are the criteria to consider before establishing a nutrition plan?

- Your weight

- Your age

- Your height

- Your genes

- Your pace of life

- Physical activity level

Then, some things will have to be put in place: a regime that is varied to avoid that you get fed up of it, which could push you to give up and thus to come back to square one.

An organized diet: The quality and frequency of your meals are important but so is its cooking manner. The mistakes you can make and the possible beliefs you might have in nutrition "myths" are ubiquitous and sometimes misleading.

Unsurprisingly, you already know that your diet must be balanced and must meet the needs of your body, especially in case of repeated sports efforts. Fighting food deficiencies is also important.

What does your diet need to look like in order to provide the body with what it needs?

Where do you go for the best advice? At your nutrition professional, of course!

- Almond milk, milk or organic soy milk? Dairy products, are they good or not? Certainly, your body must be able to benefit from a constant intake of protein and calcium, which will promote muscle contraction.

- Tofu, lentils, legumes or iron-rich equivalents to promote muscle growth and renewal. Are you the "real meat" type or do you want to reduce your consumption of animal protein? Why would you think that way? Isn't meat the only protein source out there? Vegetarianism or veganism are alternatives that interest you? Not so fast, get informed and understand what it is before and set up a long-term winning strategy!

- Vegetables and fruits: they promote rehydration and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and in good physical shape. You know it, you must eat it ideally every day on a regular basis whether it's cooked or raw.

- Starchy foods: potatoes, rice, pasta ... they will provide the "fuel" necessary to physical effort because they contain carbohydrates.

- Fatty substances and good oils: they will bring you other vitamins and fatty acids essential to the proper functioning of your body in the long term.

In between regular meals you take, you can add small snacks during the day. Choose dry fruits like almonds, hazelnuts, raisins to recover after exercise and recharge your batteries.

Finally, it is necessary to address one last essential subject: hydration. If you play sports on a regular basis or if you are a "Burnfit" fan, you will obviously need to drink more water.

Consuming enough water (because of course sodas and other sugary drinks are to be avoided) will allow you to eliminate "waste" from your body that passes through the kidneys and allow your body to hydrate in anticipation of physical effort or to rehydrate after training!

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