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Blackburn Athletics Fund continues to give back to the community

Since the opening of our first gym in 2011, we have always been committed to giving back to the community. That's why, 4 years ago, we joined the Fondation du Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie. Since then, we have been organizing events, competitions, challenges and fundraisers that allow us to combine fun and generosity. Following our friendly team challenge, which took place in Boucherville on September 25th, we are proud to announce that we have raised $201,298 for the youth of the South Shore.

This money is used to fund activities and sports facilities for kids in need throughout the Montérégie. Your generosity helps dozens of children each year and funds projects that would never have been possible without you.

Blackburn Athletics is more than a gym, it's a big, united and generous family.

On behalf of all the children, THANK YOU!


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