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Burnfit vs Crossfit: what is the difference?

Most of you have heard about Crossfit, but what about Burnfit? And what is the difference between those two? If it is the first time you are coming to our gym, Blackburn Athletics, this article is for you.

What is Crossfit?

As you may already know, Crossfit is a way to get stronger, fitter, toned, and tougher. Who wouldn't want that? You will also learn how to build muscle through a variety of exercises. Intensity and variety will ensure that you're making constant progress and don't get too complacent. If you love a challenge, Crossfit is for you. But the same is true for Burnfit.

Crossfit has become very popular over the last few years because it adds meaning to any fitness regimen with measurable goals. It is all about data, logs, clocks, rules, and standards so you can see clearly where you are going. This way, you know for sure what results you will be getting and in what timeframe. Crossfit exercises are generally for people who are already fit or very fit.


What is Burnfit?

Burnift mixes together circuit training, high-intensity training, and functional training. Most of the weights we use are lighter than in Crossfit in order to reduce the risk of injury. The emphasis is placed on endurance training and cardio training to make your heart stronger.

Since lighter weighs are used, we usually do more reps and we try to vary the type of exercises too so you don't get bored. You can do things at your own pace and we will tell you how to improve your posture and the way you perform the exercises. The goal is to help you reach your potential and go beyond what you think are your limits. You can improve your health by being consistent and by adopting the right diet habits.


So what is the difference between these two disciplines?

Crossfit was originally used by the police and the army to keep their officers and soldiers in shape. It is challenging and is certainly not for beginners. Burnfit is an easier way to get started if you want to get in shape but don't know where to start. We want to increase your self-esteem by practicing exercises adapted to your current level of fitness.

As some of you already know, our motto is " We train to look good naked". Burnfit offers a wide variety of exercises for all levels and lifestyles. You may be out of shape or already super fit, in both cases, we have something to match your energy, body type, and commitment.

Our program is extremely popular with women. We focus on the legs and the core, especially the upper body. At Blackburn Athletics, our coaches can create their own workouts instead of adopting the standard workout plan offered by their gym.

A typical Burnfit session takes 45 minutes. The intensity is pretty high but strength or technique are not as important as in Crossfit.

Call us now at 514-943-7465 to get more information about our Burnfit classes.


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