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All our coaches were hired based on their personality, their professionalism and of course their knowledge in regards to fitness.

Apart from Jerry Blackburn himself, there are many trainers who work at Blackburn Athletics and we would like the opportunity to introduce them to you:


Coach - Owner

JERRY Coach - Owner

Jerry, the founder of Blackburn Athletics, has more than 20 years of combined experience training in various disciplines ranging from CrossFit, martial arts, football, golf, bodybuilding and almost every sport out there. Based on this experience, he has crafted the perfect workout session mixing together the most beneficial, fun, and efficient elements of each sport.

Jerry completed a training specialized in biomechanic, called NESTA. He successfully completed two Crossfit training programs, added one in delinquency intervention and basically learnt everything he could by helping as many people as possible. This is by doing just that, that he discovered his true passion: training.


Coach - Burnfit

Julie Coach - Burnfit


Coach - Burnfit

Sarah Coach - Burnfit

Sarah *RIGHT AWAY* Prince is a bag full of surprises! You never know what you will get when you walk into her classes! She loves the outdoors and hikes mountains on almost a weekly basis. Sarah started out as a client of ours, and when we found out she was a certified crossfit trainer, we had to have her! Her personality is super easy going, and always has a way of making you smile! With her super creative classes, you will learn to love her and hate her all at the same time.

Marie Eve

Coach - Burnfit

Marie Eve Coach - Burnfit

Marie Eve started out as a client of Blackburn Athletics! Always smiling, super sweet, and hired Jerry for private sessions to learn to do a muscle up! After several weeks of getting to know her, we had no choice but to ask her to be a part of our team!

Marie has a bachelors degree in kinesology and is extremely present in the volleyball community on the south shore! With amazing knowledge and family values, we always look forward to training at one of her classes!

Whether you need motivation, guidance or lessons on how to spike a volleyball, Marie Eve is the right person for you! Welcome to the family!



Coach - Burnfit

Kevin Coach - Burnfit

You want motivation? Here is a young man who woke up one day, extremely overweight, living an unhealthy lifestyle and wanted to change. This young man made a promise to his mother to lose weight and be a healthier better version of himelf.

Our friend and amazing coach lost over 170 POUNDS! He continues to train over 5 times a week, enjoys a balanced lifestyle and without a doubt, motivating people at Blackburn Athletics.

With a backround as a spinning coach, Jerry absolutely wanted Kevin to work with the BBA family. Since that moment, Kevin completed his crossfit level 1 certification, and is learning new and better ways to coach you every single day.

Kev gives classes at both of our amazing locations, and is looking forward to be your motivation when you need it!

There is no doubt that your mother would be proud of you Kevin, thank you for being you!



Coach - Burnfit

Vincent Coach - Burnfit

Our newest addition to the Blackburn Athletics family! Vincent has a bachelors degree in kinesology, completed several semesters study the human body even more in physiotherapy, and decided to study to be a pilot instead! His knowledge regarding sports and how our body functions is incredible!

Vincent is a laid back, amazing coach, who came to see us for a part time job because he loves trainings and being around people! With an amazing backround in rockclimbing, and a love for new challenges, Vincent is looking forward every day to prepare new amazing classes and to meet cool amazing people!

We are lucky to have him in our family, and so are you!



Coach - Burnfit

Marc-André Coach - Burnfit

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