514-943-7465 Open 7 days a week, see schedule

To everyone reading, HELLO!

First of all, these past few months have been a war, but we always find solutions to win!

Until gyms open, we are legally allowed to offer outdoor classes, up to 90 people(we will never do that don`t worry) as long as there is a minimum of 2 metres distances from eachother at all times,

We have been giving classes in Boucherville for a few weeks(La Prairie message to follow) and it has been going very well. All of our classes are 10$ cash. Everyone who had credits, or months left on their membership before the pandemic will have them all back once we can open as a regular Blackburn Athletics gym. Until that moment, we ask for a 10$ cash price for every class.

Regarding protocol for BOUCHERVILLE... Here are the rules and the steps to making sure we do not get disobey any laws(we have received several complaints unfortunately so we must be very strict):

1- Front door is locked, acces from the back only

2- ARRIVING ATHLETES must go to the back of the gym by the LEFT SIDE(not the VITTRAC side)

3-AFTER YOUR CLASS you must leave immediately, and exit from the opposite way(yes in BACK of Vittrac) This rule sucks because we love you and want to chat but we cannot allow it for now.

4- Once you arrive in back. you MUST Purel your hands, pay the 10$ fee to the coach, take a bottle of HERTEL with a wrag, and go directly to one of the 20 cones indicated.

5- You use that same bottle of hertel as your own for the whole class to disinfect everything.

6-DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes in advance(sorry...)

7- No one is allowed inside the gym, unless you MUST use the bathroom or fill up your water, but you MUST wait to make sure only 1 person in inside at a time.

8- You MUST respect the 2 metres distance minimum with all strangers or people you do not know... We understand that many of you do not abide by the 2 metres rules with your friends, but at our classes you MUST keep that 2 metres space, nobody wants a ticket.

9- You MUST disinfect everything you touched, sweat on or spit on(joking, do NOT spit please)

10- We cannot accept any help from anyone to put the equipment back in the gym after the last class, that is where we received complaints as people walking by seem to think we are working out... but to be honest, if everyone is bringing stuff in the gym or to the door, it is very hard to respect 2 metres, so as of rule number 3.. please leave afterwards.

We are responsible for your health and wellness. Although we do not believe in this whole pandemic, we must abide by the rules. Thank you for your cooperation.



Our outdoor group classes will be offered at CANYON ROCK CLIMBING(2 minutes from the gym) They have a huge parking and access to equipment and we are glad to have an amazing partnership with them. THE RULES ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some slight changes to the rules

Upon entering the parking lot by car, to access the group classes you must walk all around the building on the LEFT side... do NOT cut through the front

Upon leaving the class, PLEASE walk to the front NOT the same way you came.



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