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Private Training

Private and custom training is also offered at Blackburn Athletics, whether it's with the objective of losing weight, gaining some abs or just looking good in your morning outfit, our personal training staff will build and customize a workout that will fit your needs. Our coaches know exactly when to give you a gentle push in order for you to discover your limits, and more importantly to push them further. Even though we encourage you to join our group workouts and trainings, some of you will enjoy the private and exclusive atmosphere of a one on one training session. We will take time to focus on your specific goals and guide you personally through your workout journey. Ask one of our team member for more information, you will be more than delighted by the excellence, professionalism and dedication of our coaches to help you reach your goals successfully, while still having fun!


1 session : 70$

5 sessions : 325$ (65$/session)

10 sessions : 600$ (60$/session)

20 sessions: 1100$ (50$/session)

All prices are plus tax.

Private Training

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Blackburn Athletics offers a unique approach to fitness and wellbeing near you on the South Shore of Montreal. Its custom gym workouts are adapted to your fitness objectives.