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Our schedule is flexible and was designed to work around your lifestyle. Whether you prefer morning, lunchtime or evening classes, Blackburn Athletics always has something for you.

There is a 20 minutes gap between each class to give you time to relax, chat, stretch, and more if necessary. The goal for us is to let you have time to meet your fellow “Burnfitters” and to avoid rushing between each class. This break period is also the occasion for trainers to clean the gym in order to make sure that every class gets a clean neat facility when they train and it is also the opportunity for our coaches to meet and get to know new clients.

After 4 years of giving group classes around the South Shore, Jerry Blackburn has visited many gyms and listened to many people in order to create the ideal planning. Taking into consideration children's school schedule, the different occupations of his guests and parent’s work schedule etc…For the people who can’t make it on time for the earliest evening training, there is a class starting later on almost an hour later. So there really is no need to rush if you’re caught in early evening traffic. Morning classes are pretty early so our “early birds” athletes can train, shower themselves and go out there to conquer the world!

The abs and booty class was added to have more diversity since many of our athletes are women and might enjoy a different type of training then our renowned “burnfit” approach. This class is ideal to break the ice regarding training and we have integrated some relaxing yoga based movements also.

Blackburn Athletics flexible schedule was created to fit all lifestyles! Whether you are a waitress, teacher, 9-5ers, construction workers or an entrepreneur, we have every possible schedule, and if we don’t, we are open to adding more classes to adapt if needs be!


Blackburn Athletics offers several types of packages to its athletes:

$15 - Drop in
$100 - 10 classes
$220 - 20 classes
$450 - 50 classes
$145 - per month
$395 - for 3 months

The best part is that you don’t even have to sign a contract! At Blackburn Athletics, we have a different vision of commitment. We don’t ask you to commit to paying monthly or bi-weekly fees, but rather to commit to attending at least 10 classes in 5 weeks. The main reason we put expiry dates on our 10 class cards, is to force people to work on their ability to commit on taking care of their body, minimum twice a week. When you see that Blackburn Athletics is still open 10 years from now, you will know it is because people CHOOSE to train here, and not because of the typical annual membership concept where most people do not last past 3 months.

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Blackburn Athletics offers a unique approach to fitness and wellbeing near you on the South Shore of Montreal. Its custom gym workouts are adapted to your fitness objectives and we want you to know about it