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Welcome to Blackburn Athletics, a unique fitness center located near you on the South Shore of Montreal!

No need to sign a contract or to pay expensive sign-up fees: Blackburn Athletics focuses on short-term commitments and high-intensity workouts that yield far better results than annual memberships with no proper follow-up.

Tell us about what you want to accomplish, your dreams and how eager and motivated you are to reach them. From the moment you sign up, you have a dedicated team of fitness specialists at your disposal that works hard with helping you reach your fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

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Blackburn Athletics: Quality over quantity

If you are new to the Blackburn Athletics family, the main emphasis will be on creating the necessary technical skills and discipline for you to keep coming and moving forward. It is all about pushing your own boundaries and limits in order to create the new you: someone with increased self-confidence, a strong body, and a vibrant heart. You will meet great people in our fitness center and our coaches will do their absolute best to keep you engaged and motivated.

Schedule and prices

A place where results meet fun

What makes Blackburn Athletics a Great Place to Train

Training with friends in a great atmosphere, without any obligation to sign a contract, what can be better? With our three types of packages, neither of them oblige you to engage in working out for more than five weeks at a time. It will allow you to set shorter term and more realistic goals.Training with friends is the best way to remain motivated and it is also a great way to bond with them in a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Our prices and packages are adapted to your needs and vary depending on how often you are planning to come every week. Ideally, in order to see optimal results, we suggest at least 2 times per week for 5 weeks which is a reasonable effort to ask from a beginner or someone who wants to stay in shape.


No contract

At Blackburn Athletics, pay only when you train!


Adapted to everyone

Beginners, advanced, injured or healthy we have YOUR solution!


Built for your lifestyle

With over 30 classes a week, we make it easier to find time for yourself!

One of the owner’s favorite quote states: “The only handicap in life is a bad attitude”. So let's stop the excuses, and start putting in more effort to stay healthy, feel and look great while surrounding yourself with amazing people.

You want to improve your self-image and get in shape now, not tomorrow. You don’t know what your personal situation will be five months from now. Join us this week for an hour and enjoy a memorable, fun-filled workout, you can also use our online tools at home: you will be able to watch interesting videos about how to improve your life and routine without going on strict diets and adapting to a boring restrictive lifestyle.

We are all about making the most out of life, and training properly and productively to amuse ourselves in the process helps a lot.

Trainings and services

We offer classes adaptable to every level of fitness, age, and handicap.

Whether you are a fitness rookie or a gym veteran, we always have something in store for each of you. Everyone is different and we get it, that’s why we have focused our efforts on creating the kind of atmosphere where you feel comfortable.

You will take part in collective classes because we think it is better to train with other people. Although you may partake in workouts with others, the coaches here at Blackburn Athletics will adapt your training according to your injuries, limitations, and the intensity level you are ready to work at. Our goal is to make sure everyone, in every class, is properly showed how to breath, lift and perform in a proper and technical matter.

Let us take you out of your comfort zone in a safe, supervised environment. You will be proud of yourself once the session is over but expect some intensity while training. Just remember, if it was easy. everyone would do it.

Blackburn Athletics is nothing like any other gym on the South Shore: it is one of the cleanest gym in the entire area, incredibly well maintained and amongst the least expensive also. We pay attention to every detail while offering the right follow-up. Our team remains professional, comprehensive and respectful at all times.

Schedule and Activities

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Coaches and staff

Jerry Blackburn, founder at Blackburn Athletics, has more than 20 years of combined experience training in various disciplines ranging from CrossFit, Martial arts, football, golf, bodybuilding and almost every sport out there. Based on this experience, he has crafted the perfect workout session mixing together the most beneficial, fun, and efficient elements of each sport.

The whole team at Blackburn Athletics wants you to succeed and perform. We are truly committed to your success and want you to reach your goals, whether it’s weight loss, increasing your strength or improve your cardiovascular health.



Coach - Owner
Julie Proteau

Julie Proteau

Coach - Burnfit
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Sarah Prince

Coach - Burnfit
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Marie Eve Tessier

Coach - Burnfit
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Kevin Noel

Coach - Burnfit
Vincent Pagé

Vincent Pagé

Coach - Burnfit

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